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Friday Flash Fiction #week 50

Amy C over at Romance Book Wyrm and Dottie over at Tink's Place
have come up with the idea for a Monday Morning Flash Fiction challenge. Each Monday a new picture prompt will be posted and if you choose to participate - you post your story on Friday - 350 words, give or take. 

by Blodeuedd
kind of part two to the story Never cry


They had come during the night, raiding the village and stealing women and children. The men following knew well that time was of the essence or else their loved ones would soon be standing on the selling blocks at the Verroch Slave Market.

Aron had married only a month ago and his wife had been attending her sister who was ill when she had been snatched away in the night. He had waited so long for Meona to say yes to him. He had admired her for years and longed for her to look his way. He would not lose her now, not like this. Not when he still had a fighting bone left in his body.

The whisper made him alert and he knew they were close. Sweat made him shiver in the cold night air. He was scared, more than he would admit to anyone. Even with every fighting man from the village and nearby steadings they were still outnumbered. But they had something the bandits did not. They were not tired since they had not all fought when they were surprised in the night and they also had the element of surprise. Just like the bandits had had before them.
“Bless my bow, Goddess of the night.”

The dead were all around them. The men from the village stumbled over them and looked at ripped throats and in the middle of the massacre sat fair Meona with blood dripping down her mouth. The other stolen women and children huddled close by the trees and some still shook from fear. No one knew what to say and Aron feared his wife for a second before he went to her and hugged her.
“I am glad you are safe.” He used his sleeve to remove the blood around her mouth. She shivered in his arms.
“What happened?” demanded the men to know and the women finally opened their eyes.
“They were about to hurt her and something saved us, saved her,” they all answered and Meona closed her eyes. She knew very well who had saved her.
Lyam, the mayor of the town knelt next to her. “Did they hurt you?”
She shook her head.
“Did you see who did this?”
She shook her head again.
“Move out, whatever it was could come back.”

Aron hugged her closer and lifted her up.
“I can walk.”
“Schhhh,” he whispered and she felt wet tears against her chin.
She was safe for now, safe in his arms and she held on for his life. She loved him dearly. She did know it would happen when she married him but now he was her everything.


This is not the end, no sir. Melissa and I made a little challenge to write two stories and my challenge was to write one with a HEA and the  other one whatever I chose it to be. I was writing the first one when I went back and changed the back. I wanted to write a bit more about Meona so I could continue her story one day


Poor Little Bandit
by Blodeuedd

Cain was an orphan, a street rat, later a thief and now he had some luck. He had been recruited into a band of bandits. Not any band of bandits but the Filthy Bastards, they would take care of him as long as he did his duty and served them well. And served them he did. The boss also made sure they did not kill anyone or rape any of the slaves they took. A good life indeed. Soon he would be in Verrroch spending it on beer and food and then on the services of Madame Loriene. He best whore in town. He smiled and whistled a tune as he gathered wood for the camp fire.

But he should have known better. He had grown up on the streets after all. He should have seen that the new recruits from Longholt did not meet the standard. When he came back and built the fire all was still calm. The men laughed and shared heir drinks with each other as the slaves cried and whined. He should have seen that one slave, the beautiful young woman who would give them a king’s ransom. He should have noticed how all eyes were on her, assessing her, craving her. But he did not see, he was lost in his own thoughts.

It started close to midnight when the men finally tried to get some sleep. Soon everyone was awake as two of the Longholt men were dragging a woman into the woods. Some of the men said nothing as they wanted a piece of her for themselves and did not really care about a non rape policy. Cain did his best to help his boss create order and helped take the girl back. Then Tevon held a long speech about the money she would bring and how she would not bring anything at all bruised and used up. But they did not listen and struck him down. Later they turned on the rest that objected and as Cain lay dying he saw the woman cry tears of blood. The rest was a blurr as men screamed and died left and right around him.

For a moment she stood over him with her long scary teeth. She turned her head a bit and then went back to sit in the carnage she created. It all happened so fast that he was sure no one knew who did what. But he did, the last thing he ever thought before dying was Demon and he died looking into her eyes.


I thought about writing something new but I kind of liked writing from his perspective and yes he was a bad guy but not that bad after all.

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