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Friday Flash Fiction

Amy C over at Romance Book Wyrm and Dottie over at Tink's Place have come up with the idea for a Monday Morning Flash Fiction challenge.  Each Monday a new picture prompt will be posted and if you choose to  participate - you post your story on Friday - 350 words, give or take.  

The weeping Banshee
by Blodeuedd

She was the banshee who looked after the O’Grady family, looked after was not the right word. She wailed when one of them was about to die. She had always done it and would always do it. It was her duty and what she loved for. But she never cared, never once until that day.

It was like any other day, she was at the sidhe flirting with a leprechaun, harmless fun, when she got the calling and hurried on her way. She overlooked a battlefield and opened her mouth when she saw him. Fair and golden, riding in front of his men, the eldest O’Grady son marching to his death. And she could not cry out his death, she felt a tingle inside and hurried after them. She stopped at a river and bent down to wash her mantle drenched in blood. As she knew they would they stopped and she looked up. The man stared at her, as she was naked waist up. He saw her blue hair, her funny ears and her features that were not quite right.
“My lady, what are you washing?” He asked and she smiled.
“Your cloak.” She smiled and hoped he knew, and so he did. But instead of turning back he marched on. She stood up and they past her by, nodding to the O’Grady banshee as they knew now she was.
That was not the way it was supposed to end, she thought and wailed.

As he lay dying in the great hall she went to his side, hidden from view.
“You are here,” he said and took her hand. She looked down with surprise and then he smiled. It lit up the room for her and she felt a piece of her heart dying with him.
“If I take you with me, you will live,” she whispered and leaned closer. “But you could not step outside, then you would die.”
“I am dying,” he said and touched her face with her other face. “No one has seen the O’Grady banshee in decades, you are beautiful.”
She blushed and with the strength he had left he kissed her lips.
“But I can’t come.” He looked to the side and she saw a weeping beautiful woman holding a child. And she knew.


I know, I did not write last weeks flash so here is a short story...and I mean short

Welcome she told me and opened the door. My eyes almost popped out because of the way she was dressed. Crazy newcomer, I thought and closed the door behind me.
"Welcome to the neighborhood," I said and smiled. With me I had cookies straight from the oven, cookies that no one could say no to. But she did not look at the cookies. Instead she stared at my neck. Suddenly I felt uncomfortable and my smile grew thinner.
"You have something on your shoulder, " she said and came closer.
I tried to see but could not see what she meant and she smiled and leaned in closer.
"Do not worry,  I will see to it, "she said and everything went black.


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