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Flash Fiction Friday

Amy C over at Romance Book Wyrm and Dottie over at Tink's Place have come up with the idea for a Monday Morning Flash Fiction challenge.  Each Monday a new picture prompt will be posted and if you choose to  participate - you post your story on Friday - 350 words, give or take.  

The Games
by Blodeuedd

”They all came for you, your Majesty.”
I watched as the men marched into the arena beneath us and I barely listened to what General Kane told me. There were so many of them, from every corner over the world, from every people and tribe. They were the best of the best. But Kane was wrong; they were not all there for her. I glanced to the side where Tamara stood on another cliff, she grinned big as she watched the men and I quickly looked back. I would not her let pick first. Damn! At least I had beauty, but she had riches, and army and a vast empire.
“We better hurry,” I told the General and we made our way down to the filled arena. I could hardly keep my eyes of them when I came down. Truly the best specimen our world had to offer. I took my place and the Games began. The fights were raw and bloody, men were torn apart, heads fell and intestines fell out. It was not a pretty sight to watch but I had to. I clenched my jaw as I watched the massacre before me. Ten men at a time fighting to death, or until they gave up. Even if most were too far gone by then. The General kept pointing out men but I just shook my head, even if I now and then looked at Tamara to see what she was up to. That cursed bitch!
There were not many left now and I had finally seen the one I needed. A strong man, who seemed cunning and not to mention beautiful. I do confess that it was his broad chest and muscular arms that caught my attention first, but it was his face that drew me in. I smiled to myself and quickly looked at another man and started whispering with Kane, I had to throw Tamara off the track. I could not let the same thing that happened 3 years ago happen, why was she always here at the same time as I was?!
My man had trouble in the arena and I took my chance. Kane sent a man down and the games stopped for a moment. I saw Tamara raise an eyebrow and then shrug. I just laughed and went down to the dungeons where I would meet him.
He stood still with a bloody face, when he saw me he kneeled and looked up with a smile
“I am honored your Majesty.”
“You say yes?”
“Yes, your Majesty.”
I smiled and touched his face. Yes he would do well, he would father a strong child and then he could be sent back to wherever he came from. That was what the breeding games were for after all.

My story :)
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