Flower maiden (blodeuedd83) wrote,
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Flash Fiction Friday

Dottie over at Tink's Place has come up with the idea for a Monday Morning Flash Fiction challenge.  Each Monday a new picture prompt will be posted and if you choose to  participate - you post your story on Friday - 350 words, give or take. 

The Fallen One by Blodeuedd

They were not mean to love. But who would not have fallen in love with Asmodeus. She had loved him with her heart and soul. They had taken that forbidden step and she had fallen into his arms with a longing sigh. How could it be wrong to love? It was not like they were the only ones. All around them angels fell to lust and love. But there was a tension brewing in the Kingdoms and she knew this could not end well.
She rushed to her love with a smile on her face, but he looked angry and she stopped in her tracks. Slowly she came towards and touched him.
“What is wrong, love?” she asked but he brushed her hand of his shoulder.
“We will fall.” He took out a sword and she moved back.
“What are you doing?” She whispered and he looked at her with those unkind eyes, and she shuddered.
“You are either with us or against us.”
She shook her head to clear her thoughts. What had she seen in him? His beauty? They were all beautiful? His kindness? Truth be told, he had never been one of the kinder ones. He had looked down upon the apes and she knew he did not love them. She shed a single tear for her folly.
“So be it,”he said and raised his sword. She stood still as it fell down on her wing and she screamed from pain.
“Are you coming?”
She sobbed as she had never known pain and shook her head again.
“Amariel, Amariel,” he whispered in the tone that had soothed her fears away before. “You are a pretty one. But there are others.”
She looked up, her vision clouded from tears.
“No.” she said and conjured a dagger in hear hand. She cut him where it would hurt the most and his scream shook heaven. She fled and his anger made her head hurt. She knew he would always come after her. She fled from where angels fell to their eternal death, death and destruction tore them apart, and in fear she hid where he would not find her. It was just a time before he fell anyway.


Ok someone is obsessed with angels ;)
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