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Dottie over at Tink's Place has come up with the idea for a Monday Morning Flash Fiction challenge.  Each Monday a new picture prompt will be posted and if you choose to  participate - you post your story on Friday - 350 words, give or take. 

Lovers by Blodeuedd

As a Royal Princess of Illyria Oleana knew her duties. Be pretty, be nice and marry well. But mostly marry the one her parents told her too. This she did not mind as she had been betrothed since childhood to a prince from a neighboring prince. She had loved him always. He had given her her first kiss and told her that she was more beautiful than the Goddess herself. He was all she thought about and she could not wait for their wedding day, which was a year away. So when Prince Alric told her about his plan she jumped at the chance. Sure she knew it was foolish to meet him without a chaperone, but she loved him, and they were to be married. Also, she had these longings in her body that could not be stilled.

With the help of a two maids Oleana was given servant clothes and helped out of the palace. The rest she knew herself and she hurried as quickly as her legs could take her. Her heart was in her throat and she was shivering from anticipation. Then there he was, waiting for her by the little pond, he smiled and gathered her in his arm. She melted into them and he kissed her fears away. He coaxed her toward the water and after having dipped her toe she nodded and followed him. He kissed her gently as he worked the clothes off her. He whispered promises in her ear and how he would make it even better come their wedding day. She shivered again, this time from his hand brushing past her breast, and she wanted to be his every way possible.

Oleana remembered their first night together with a smile on her lips, the second night made her blush. She looked up and saw him enter the Hall together with his parents. But why did they all look so upset? The words barely reached her as she stared. What? Now her parents looked at her.

“But I was with Alric!” She shouted and her father groaned.

“He was been away in a diplomatic mission for 3 months,” he said and slapped her across the face. “How dare you betray your family like this!?”

She did not see much behind a veil of hair and the tears ran down her cheeks. She searched for Alric and saw the smirk in his face, and then the look he gave her sister..her sister?! She was ruined and he, she twisted her hands. He would not get away with this. That she swore as guards took her away.


Eh, I was not that inspired 


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