Flower maiden (blodeuedd83) wrote,
Flower maiden

Friday Flash Fiction #3

The Lovers
"I love you." She smiled down at him where he lay. He closed his eyes and felt her fingers wander up and down his hand. "When will we be married?"
He laughed. " Be calm my love, can you not wait another month?"
To this she said nothing, expect sighed and let her fingers play with his hand.
"You know I would wait for all eternity for you," he said and she bent down and kissed him. The kiss tasted as honey and sugar. Her lips so sweet. He could kiss her all day long.
"What will our wedding be like?"
He gazed up on her and she blushed.
"There will be roses, laughter and smiles. Cake, family and you will be wearing the prettiest dress of them all."
"Even prettier than was your sister will be wearing?"
At this he laughed. "Even prettier than that."
She fell silent again and stared out at the fields below. He stared at the clouds above and felt a chill as more and more gathered. It would rain soon. He felt empty.
”Will your parents like me now?”
What would he say? Maybe with time. Maybe his mother would grow to like Sarhagh as she was absolutely wonderful. Loving. Sweet. Dedicated. Or maybe she would hate her always because she was a farmer’s daughter. And not even a rich farmer, but a farmer with 14 kids and a house falling to pieces. As for his father he would not forgive, nor forget.
“You are wonderful,” he simply answered and he felt her lips brush his. To hold her, to love her. He would give anything for that. He would give the world. To let it all fall into darkness just to have her in his arms.

“There you are!”
He watched as his brothers rode up the hill. “Damn you Charles”! they swore. “Mother is worried half-sick from worrying!”
The memory of Saragh faded. He could no longer feel her lap feel her fingers or her presence. They had scared it away.
“You should have left me,” he said and stood up. “Damn you both to hell!” He broke down and fell to his knees crying.” I just wanted to be alone, to think of her…” his voice broke and Edward kneeled down.
“She is gone, buried. Do not fall into the company of ghosts. Come back to us.”
“I can’t,” he whispered and felt the emptiness grow. “ I can’t”.

The End
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